Dining Room Pendants

One of the things that are high on my priority list of home improvements is to replace the ceiling lights that the previous owners left behind. Both the living room and dining room chandeliers are not at all to my taste, and with the added let down of daylight fluorescent bulbs they really don’t add to a homey feeling at all.


The existing chandelier

The existing chandelier was not only a sore sight in the center of the open layout living space, it was also hung off center to both the patio door and the kitchen island.

I had a West Elm gift certificate and while I tried to figure out what to spend it on, one of their pendant lights, plainly called Globe Pendants, caught my attention. They were on special, so I decided to go with them and take a first step towards a more hospitable living space! Continue reading


Home Sweet Home

In a twinge of serious adulting, I decided to take a leap of faith and do my part for an improved millennial homeownership rate in the United States. It took me the better part of 2016 to find a place that I liked, I could afford, and that no one else outbid me on. No small feat in California’s very tight real estate market it turns out. The home I ended up going with will definitely need some “Tender Loving Care”, but it has great bones and a convenient location.

I hope I’ll get to write a few follow-up posts with more details on the journey that brought me to this point, taking a look at the process, and depict some of the events in the final weeks before closing. In the meantime I’ll try to cope with the anxiety of having mortgaged my finances for the foreseeable future.