In Pursuit of Curb Appeal

If there is one lesson I learned during my renovation efforts so far, it’s that a little paint can figuratively go a long way. My front yard, while responsibly drought-resistant, is boring and just not nice to look at. At all. Curb appeal? Forget it.

I decided the easiest way to get a quick win on that front (get it? 😉) was to freshen up the front door and garage door, sporting a faded light brown or tan until that point. The rusty security door didn’t really do anything to improve the picture either, so that turned out to be the first change I made. I ended up putting it on Facebook Marketplace actually and making a few bucks off of it.

With the security door gone I could focus on the front door itself. After filling the holes the bolts left behind and a thorough wash of door and frame, I started with a coat of primer. The washing part took considerably longer for the garage door, I had to do three rounds to finally get rid of all the dust and pollen. There too, I started out with priming it first. Both doors didn’t really have stains or were considerably darker than the new color, but I wanted a high-quality paint job and was hoping that it would let the paint adhere better to the fiberglass and aluminum.

For the actual paint job, I went with two coats of Dunn & Edwards’ Novelty Navy. Using a foam roller and a high quality angle brush have me pretty good results. So good actually that I even deferred on a third coat of paint. There are plenty of tutorials available on how to properly paint a garage or front door, so I don’t think I need to go into details here. One thing I do want to pass along though is: Don’t be stingy on masking tape for your stucco! While I managed to keep the front door surround free of paint, I ended up with quite a few spill-overs around the garage door.

In terms of bang for your buck, I doubt there are many more projects around your house that let you exceed this one’s. All in all I spent less than $100 on it, between primer, paint, and supplies. And while I’d stop short of calling it a transformation, it is a vast improvement over what it looked like before. Coming home and rolling up that garage door has definitely been a lot more satisfying recently.


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