I’m currently in Austin, TX for the inaugural team meetup of Apollo, the WordPress.org-focused team that I switched to when was created a few months ago. After five days of discussions, planning, and working on code, we took some time off today and went indoor skydiving.

It was a lot of fun, and surprisingly much less dangerous than jumping out of a flying airplane! It was exciting to be able to build on my Park City, UT experience and improve my body control in a way that I was almost able to steer myself.

At Automattic’s Grand Meetup, one of the activities offered was Skydiving. It felt like the perfect opportunity to do something completely outside of my comfort zone, so I signed up! And who would have known, I ended up enjoying it a lot more than anticipated! Please excuse my language after landing.

Yesterday I spoke at the Creative Corridor WordPress Meetup in Cedar Rapids, IA about Twenty Fourteen and default themes. It was the first time I did a video Q&A and I had a great time doing it!