I just learned I can set up reoccurring check payments online. As in: My bank mails out a check every time a payment is due. This, while Europe agreed on SEPA.

In case you were wondering, paper checks are (part of) what’s holding you back, America.

Paper Checks


One thought on “Paper Checks

  1. Amen to that. When it comes to the banking sector, the US seems incredibly backward. A couple of years back a friend of mine from across the pond visited me here in Poland. He was holding his 1970s style credit card in a country where EMV was already a standard and NFC was already being introduced by some banks. And well, to put it bluntly, I remember there were paper checks back in the days of my childhood. They were phased-out of circulation some time in the 1990s… It’s 20 years, more or less.

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