My CrossFit Travel WODs

My friend John Hawkins created WODables a little while ago, a service that sends you an email every day, with a new workout based on the equipment you have available. I’ve been using it since day one, mostly as an inspiration for workouts I can do without any equipment at all, a situation I’m frequently in when traveling.

When I’m on the road I try to stick to my workout routine as good as possible. A lot of times I’m able to drop-in at a local CrossFit boxes, but more frequently I find myself skipping workouts. Especially when I only have a hotel gym with very little equipment available. Enter WODables.

I asked John if he could extend the service to provide an interface to generate new WODs on the fly, letting you select the equipment you have right at that moment. This makes for a very tailored experience, getting you the perfect workout with optimal use of available resources. Today he let me know he finished the feature, and it’s now ready to use!

So the next time you find yourself standing in a hotel gym, your friend’s garage, a regular fitness studio, and you’re in need for an inspiration, give WODables a spin! It’s free, super easy to use, and I guarantee you it will come up with a challenging and fun WOD, just for you.


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