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On my way back from Greece I flipped through Aegean’s inflight magazine where I stumbled upon a brief Rhodes guide titled “18 Reasons to Revisit Rhodes – Discover the magic of the island of the Knights with this checklist of don’t-miss outings” (View the pdf). Don’t-miss! I wish I had discovered that on my way to the island!

The article started out with The Fort of Saint Nicholas that guards the Mandraki harbor, coincidentally the first sight I visited after I finally got my scooter. They continued with pictures of Afantou Beach and Lindos, places I went to in the second week of stay, looking for sandy beaches on the east side of the island. It went on with the waterfall of Seven Springs and the statues at The Entrance to the Port of Mandraki, which I got see at my island and sailing tours respectively, but also two places I did not visit, Kalithea and Rodini Park. The last two days of my stay were rather busy with trips to Lindos and to Rhodes’ Old Town, but they were also very rewarding, and let me check a few more of those sights off their list: Mavrikos restaurant where I had dinner in Lindos, The Palace of the Grand Master, The Medieval City, and Aleksis restaurant in Rhodes. I visited Anthony Quinn Beach during the sailing tour and The Ancient Kameiros during the island tour, leaving me only with Fourni and Prasonisi Beach that I didn’t visit.

Besides Mavrikos and Aleksis they rightfully mentioned Marco Polo, one of the best restaurants I tried, as well as Dinoris, Avantis, Perigiali, Bakis Brothers, Pigi Fasouli, and Mediterraneo, all of which I had not been to.

Going into my vacation I hadn’t really planned to do a lot of sightseeing. I was just looking forward to relaxing at the beach and going to CrossFit every day. But I could not be happier with the way it turned out, doing as much exploring of the island as I did. I covered most of the mentioned outings even without reading the guide beforehand, making it a very gratifying read on my way back to the real world.


One thought on “14 of 18

  1. I lived on Rhodes for the summer, and even then I likely missed a few places. There’s a saying in Greece that translates to: “Go where the wind takes you.” So what you did was very much in the local spirit. 🙂

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