Michael Cain and I decided to do a Cain & Obenland special at lat year’s Automattic Grand Meetup. The Grand Meetup is a one-week retreat where all of Automattic gets together and works on projects, takes classes, and hangs out together. Everyone is required to give a 4-minute flash talk, and we were able to convince Gary Pendergast to give up his slot and be the guest for that episode, giving us a total of 12 minutes for our show.

Watch it on Cain & Obenland In the Morning →

Part 1 is our news section, tailored to Automattic.
Part 2 is the interview, featuring a video of Automatticians who didn’t want to be on the show.

Part 3 is a Best of Cain & Obenland, with highlights form the shows at WordCamps Atlanta and Orange County. We spoke in the Grand Ballroom of the hotel, so in the beginning of the video we ran from the back of the room on stage, high-fiving the audience on our way, which is also why I’m so out of breath.



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