On Drinking Warm Beer

I’m German, living in the United States, and for that been asked about pretty much every German stereotype imaginable. One of the most common misperceptions is that Germans, or Europeans in general, drink their beer warm. Since I was asked about it multiple times again last week (I like beer), I thought I’d turn to the keyboards so I can point to this post in the future.

To answer the question: No, Germans (or Europeans for that matter) don’t drink their beer warm. But they drink it warmer.

You see, the drinking temperature for beer varies with its style. From craftbeertemple.com:

[As] a general rule the temperature at which to serve a beer is correlated to the strength of the beer. As beers go up in alcohol, they are generally drunk at a warmer temperature. This is because stronger beers often are sipped slowly, and enjoyed for their complexity of flavor and aroma while weaker beers are often consumed for refreshment.

If you go to the linked page, they even have a handy list of the best temperatures to drink a certain kind of beer. They go on saying:

For no style is this more apparent than American macro lagers, which are generally drunk so cold that you can’t taste them. There’s a reason those big brewers want people to drink their beers at tongue-numbing temperatures. As they warm up, they don’t taste very good.

The American Macro Lagers (or American Adjunct Lagers) they mention are your Budweisers, Millers, PBRs, or Coors. The crappy, watery yellow piss substance so many Americans think of as beer.

So the next time you feel like gleefully making fun of how Europeans drink beer, remember that you’re basically telling everyone around you that you don’t have the faintest idea about how to properly drink beer yourself.


2 thoughts on “On Drinking Warm Beer

  1. Excellent article to point to, Konstantin! I thought it was the English, though, who drank their beer at room temperature? At least that’s what a German stereotype used to say. And it’s one of the nicer ones as it admits something that deserves to be called beer is being drunken outside of Germany. A concession which in turn and according to cliché would never be made to Americans who are known do mess up every decent German invention before making billions from it—thinking of what McDonalds has done to good old Frikadelle (or Bulette). But I’m letting myself get carried away … excellent article, really!

  2. Frank Bueltge says:

    I drink my beer always with room temperature, not hot, but not cold. I think it is good point check, it is a good beer. A cold beer is always fine, easier to mix bad credentials.

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