Joen Asmussen, Konstantin Obenland, Lance Willett

Joen Asmussen, Konstantin Obenland, Lance Willett

I spent the first half of this year working on Twenty Thirteen, the current WordPress default theme. Two of the people I worked closest with, were Joen Asmussen and Lance Willett.

Due to the distributed nature of not only Automattic, but WordPress contributors in general, it was the first time that all three of us were at the same place at the same during this years Automattic Grand Meetup in San Francisco/Santa Cruz.

Joen must be one of the most talented designers I worked with and is by far the most humble person I’ve ever met! Lance I’d almost consider as being a mentor, the person who I learned the most from over the last year and a half. A great leader with a never ending supply of puns.

Thank you both so very much, this project was from beginning to end — special!

The Twenty Thirteen Team


One thought on “The Twenty Thirteen Team

  1. I won’t soon forget the great memories of eating at various diners and dives in Tucson while spending a long week ripping apart the theme and putting it back together again. Fun times!

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