Get Golf Ready

In ongoing effort to get myself out of my appartement (I work from home, so it truly is my castle), I decided to learn how to golf. It’s an outside activity, I can call it sport (without any actual physical effort), it’s mostly in beautifully landscaped surroundings, and I might even get to meet people outside my work or family.

I found that the Get Golf Ready program is a perfect fit for that. It’s designed to teach adults how to play golf with beginner golf lessons. For an affordable $99, you get five lessons that get you started with the game: putting, chipping, full shots, drive, a.s.o. Exactly what I was looking for!

Today I went for my first lesson:


Everyone knows you play 18 holes of golf, but today I learned that two strokes out of every par (a predetermined number of strokes required to complete a hole) are considered to be putting strokes, on average half of all strokes in a round of golf! So putting is super important, which is why we started with that. We’re a very diverse group of five student, who were let by a great golf instructor/teacher. He’s really enthusiastic and made the lesson today really fun! He took a lot of time and went well beyond the scheduled 90mins of instructions, touching all kinds of different subjects, from putting (of course), to golf rules, to etiquette, and even a short intro to the golf carts they use there.


Two Trees from the Olivas Links Golf Course.

I had a great time today and a lot of fun. I can not wait to learn more, and might just go back and practice some putting on my own now!


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