Busy June

Three Meetups, two WordCamps, a conference, and a birthday. Coming back from a team meetup in Florence, Italy, the awesome WordCamp Orange County kicked of the month of June, which will be a busy, WordPress-filled one for me.

I’ll speak at the Ventura WP Meetup and then travel to Portland, Oregon where I’ll be co-working with Michael Fields, attend the Portland WP Meetup, participate in an advanced jQuery training, and join many other Automatticians for a jQuery conference. Back in Ventura, I will speak for the first time at the Topanga Canyon WP Meetup, and celebrate my 30th birthday one day after that. For the grand finale, I’ll be traveling to Canada for the first time in my life and volunteer at WordCamp Montreal. Throughout the month I will also meet a lot of my Automattic colleagues for the first time, which always makes for a good time.

Last but not least, I hope the new version of WordPress will be released this month, making the new default theme Twenty Thirteen available to millions of WordPress users.


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